Top 3 Flavors – Pints

Top 3 Flavors – Pints

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When you choose your own three pint snow cone syrup package, you’ll save money and time, while always having crowd favorites on hand. The package is also the perfect backup for flavors that are sure to go fast. Selected from our selection of over 90 delicious flavors, these top three flavors are essential crowd-pleasures.

Nothing is more enjoyable than eating a refreshing snow cone while spending the day at the pool or beach, but it’s important to always have back-ups of customer favorites. Mix and match to create custom snow cone flavors or make rainbow snow cones that are always kids’ favorites. The ready-to-use syrups can be poured right out of the bottle, and you want have to waste your time mixing and measuring. In addition, our three ready-to-pour flavors do not require added preservatives. They are already premixed to our specifications.

Top 3 Flavors – Pints Specifications

  • One Pint of Cherry Snow Cone Syrup
  • One Pint of Blue Raspberry Snow Cone Syrup
  • One Pint of Grape Snow Cone Syrup
  • Each Pint makes approximately 8 8 ounce servings
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