Screened Snow Cone Syrup Bottle Pourers

Screened Snow Cone Syrup Bottle Pourers

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Protect your precious snow cone syrups with screened bottle pourers. The high-tech pourers feature a layer of fine screened material near the end of the spouts. The screen help to keep flying insects, ants and other pests out of the syrup. For an added layer of protection, pair the screened bottle pourers with nightcaps and never worry about contaminated syrup.

Screened bottle pourers are ideal for outdoor businesses where exposure to insects is common. The thin screens don’t interfere with syrup flow and the stylish pourers look identical to regular pourers. The slender design works with quart sized syrup bottles and the tapered cap creates a secure seal to prevent leaks.

Bottle pourers are available individually or in convenient multi-packs. Order a pourer for each of your syrup flavors plus a few extras to keep on hand. The small size of the pourers makes them easy to store in any size snow cone stand. The durable plastic exterior is easy to clean and is designed to last.

Screened Snow Cone Syrup Bottle Pourers Specifications

  • Does not interfere with syrup flow
  • Easy to clean
  • Designed to last
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