Replacement Blade for Bliz Whiz

Replacement Blade for Bliz Whiz

$ 48.99
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If the ice in your Bliz Whiz has become too crunchy or too large, then it means one of your blades has become dull. The Bliz Whiz snow cone machine uses three blades to its cut ice. Although sharpening these blades regularly on a diamond sharpener can help prevent dullness, it is always prudent to keep sharpened spare blades on hand. At, we carry spare Bliz Whiz blades to ensure your operation runs smoothly and your product is consistently high quality.

During high volume rushes, stopping operation and sharpening your blades will lose you time, customers and money. With spare Bliz Whiz blades, you are always prepared with a sharp blade set, and you can sharpen your blades at your convenience. Each blade is sold separately, and it is important to note that we cannot provide refunds for our spare blades.

Blade for Bliz Whiz Specifications

  • Durable
  • Easy to replace
  • Sharpened stainless steel
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